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Whenever you purchase a new computer, or use a computer for a long time, tweaking it becomes necessary. On my website, you will find different tweaks that can solve various problems.

Can you survive without proper exercise?

Unhealthy computer Even if you do, you won't lead a healthy life. Think of your computer as a human. Same way, computer also needs day to day workouts or regular maintenance to for optimal performance.

Any machine demands maintenance. Same is the case with computers.

Computer needs weekly (or at least monthly) tweaking. It is just like a physical workout for your computer to make it healthy. Various windows 8, 7, and XP tweaks mentioned on my website are dedicated to make your PC fast, secure, reliable & hassle free. Working with windows will be a breeze because it will work for you, the way you always wanted it to work!

Windows tweaks mainly include the processes that are required to make your windows experience even better. After applying these windows tweaks, you will be able to get the most out of your PC.

Healthy computer

Imagine a painfully slow PC ruining your gaming experience, or an untidy desktop or low disk space, or similar problems related to windows.

It is quite obvious that it irritates a computer user and he woud definitely want to get rid of these problems. You can follow some simple tweaks I have mentioned in my Website to make your PC healthy and ensure a longer life. You can speed up your computer, remove desktop icons, clean up disk space in XP, etc to make your computer healthy.

Your computer's life is in your hands. And you can make your computer healthy by regular tweaking.

Why people still prefer windows XP?

Windows XP is so much common between PC users that it has become the life of your computer as well as yours. Windows XP was the most widespread windows used after its launch. Since its launch it has survived till now. Many people are using Windows XP these days even after the release of Windows 8! Strange isn't it?

But I can easily operate on windows XP

Many people hesitate to switch from Windows XP to Windows 7 or 8 because it has become the part of their business & home use. Moreover, it has become the part of their life.

Another reason, why Windows XP is used even today is that it is user friendly. People are not trained to use Windows 7 but they easily operate on Windows XP systems. They are more experienced using Windows XP than using Windows 7 oe windows 8.

This is why I could not resist helping windows XP users also so that windows XP users are not left behind in the race of tweaking and customizing their computer. Windows XP users can also benefit from my website. Most of the articles on my website has two versions: One for windows 8, and the other for windows XP users. If you use windows XP, you can find a link on some of the pages which has a windows XP version of the same article. This means, you can apply the same tweak, or trick on your windows XP computer also.

My focus...

This Website is totally focused on Windows tweaks, tricks, softwares and expert suggestions. Everything you want to know is here in my website. Even if it’s not there, you may Request an article.

I tried to keep everything I know on this website. Even if it’s not there, please let me know and I will make it available on my Website for you. You can request for any article you would like to me include on my Website and that's it. I will be pleased to help you.

As a computer and specifically a windows geek, I am excited to spread all my knowledge, i.e., teach you, all I know about Windows.

It gives me immense pleasure when I think that my knowledge about Windows is being used in a productive manner.

You are totally free to download any information or e-book. Everything here is free of cost: the articles, the quality. I recommend you to download "speed up your computer" guide for free from my website if you want to taste your computer’s maximum performance. But currently it is available for only windows XP users. I will definitely create another version fo the same book for windows 7 and 8 users. You will surely love this e-book.

Have fun tweaking...

Apart from its usefulness, tweaking windows can also be fun. You can perform many fun packed activities to play with your windows. You can:

...and perform a lot of fun packed activities.

This is the time to make your computer more "Yours". Customize and tweak it the way you like...

Unable to Find something?

xppedia search Try xppedia search to search for anything you are looking for on my website.

If you still don't find it on my website, You can Request an article and let me know about the article you want me to include. Write the title and a short description about the article you want me to include. I will get back to you shortly and if possible publish the article on my website.

Have an idea? Share it with the world...

If you know about any windows tweak or trick, then write an article about it and share it with the world. If your article is good enough, I will add it as a page on my website with your name as the author of that article. It is my way to thank you for writing the article and adding value to my site.

Would you like to share your knowledge about windows tweaks? Contribute to!

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