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You can rename start menu to anything you want. That is, instead of the boring “start”, you may display any other text you want on the start menu. You can not only rename it, but also customize the tooltip that is displayed when you hover the mouse over the start menu.

This means you can customize many things using this trick, but here I’ll focus only on how to rename start menu. You can do so with a software called resource hacker. You need to download this software before you can rename your start menu.

Download resource hacker

How to do it:

1.After downloading and installing resource hacker, you need to open the resource hacker.

2.Now in the resource hacker window, go to file --> open.

3.In the open file dialogue box, navigate to C:\windows.

4.Open explorer.exe.

5.Now, navigate to string table --> 37 and click 1033 to select it.

6.You will find a string “start”. Rename this to any name you want. You may enter your name or anything you like. This will be displayed on the start menu.

7.In our example let us rename it to xppedia.

8.Now click compile script.

9.Now go to file --> Save As and save the file with some different name. say, explorerhacked.exe.

10.Now Since, the changed explorer file is explorerhacked, you need to update registry to use the modified version and reflect the changes.

11.Go to start --> run.

12.Type regedit and press enter.

13.You should see a registry editor window.

14.In the registry editor window, navigate to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\WINDOWS NT\CURRENT VERSION\Winlogon.

15.Scroll down and find the entry named Shell.

16.Double click it and change the value from explorer.exe to explorerhacked.exe (the modified explorer file in our example).

17.Close the registry editor and restart your computer for the changes to take effect.


Once you restart your windows, you should be able to see the start menu with the new name. Enjoy!

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