Use pen drive to speed up XP


Did you know that you can use pen drive to speed up XP? You must be aware of the fact that windows Vista and windows 7 has a feature called ReadyBoost that uses pen drive/USB drive to speed up computer. But did you know, Windows XP also supports this feature to use the USB drive to speed up the computer? Amazed?

It's really an amazing feature that many windows XP users are unaware of. Even I was unaware of this feature until the time I researched about it and finally came to know about it!

You may consider it somewhat similar to readyboost feature in windows 7. The reason that your computer’s performance increases is that the computer uses Flash drives to store it's pagefile.

You need just a pen drive of at least 1GB. I recommend you to use a USB drive of 2GB or more to use this speed up feature in XP to see some significant improvement in speed.

How to do it

1. Connect your pen drive.

2. Now make sure that your data is formatted or your pen drive is empty because you need to use the speed up feature.

3. Now after the connection & validation, Right click My Computer & select properties.

4. Now click the hardware tab as shown in the screenshot below:

5. Now click Device manager button in the Device manager section.

6. Now select Disk drives section.

7. Now right click the name of your pen drive/USB drive listed there already.

8. Now from the right click menu, click properties.

9. In the properties window, select policies tab.

10. Now in the policies tab, select ‘optimize for performance’ as shown in the screenshot below:

11. Now click OK & close the remaining 2 windows.

NOTE: This process is a critical process, so be careful. If you have used the pen drive/USB drive for performance, then you need to safely remove the hardware. If you disconnect the pen drive/USB drive without safely removing, the computer may even crash.

Brief how to do it

Connect the pen drive => Right click My Computer => Hardware tab => Device manager => click Disk drives => Right click your pen drive already listed there => Select properties => clik policies tab => select Optimize for performance => OK.


Now you have optimized your pen drive for better performance in XP, so now you should see some significant changes in the the performance of your computer.

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