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Welcome to this page and thank you for letting me tell you about me.

My name is Dipojjal Chakrabarti. I was born in october 1992. I am currently pursuing BCA from Maharaja Surajmal Institute along with software engineering from NIIT.

I am the owner, designer, editor, and most importantly; a general computer user like you who likes to play and experiment with windows. I am a computer geek and like to experiment, tweak, and customize windows .

Studying, learning and teaching about computer are my passion…
Let us find out…

It all started when I was in my 9th standard. I used to sit 10 or 15 minutes extra when our computer period was over. Teacher always tried to figure out what I was actually doing. She observed that I am not playing any game. Everyone tried to escape the class but I was the only one who would come early to the computer class and leave the room late.

Teacher asked me one day: “What do you do in the computer?” You come early and leave late, do the computer projects I give you, still you sit on the computer doing something or the other?

Ma’am, I try to learn something new every day. I am a novice computer user and I really want to learn operating it. I love operating computer…

But you are already a good performer in computer…! And you can learn anything new on your home computer. Why do you do it here?

Ma’am I don’t have a PC… :(
But soon I’ll have one… :)
I’ll let you know when I have one, I said as I left the room.

Next day morning: I had to go to café’ as it was Sunday, and every Sundays I visited the café’ to sit on the computer for an hour and learn whatever I can in those 60 minutes. I called the café boy to teach me how to email. A girl standing next to me said you don’t even know how to email!

She started laughing at me. It struck me from within. I felt very sad. Even after spending most of my time on the computer, I don’t even know how to email! If I had the computer, I would have probably known how to send an email.

Mom, “I want a computer”…

No!, she replied explaining the reason why we could not buy a computer at that time. She said, within a year or two, we would buy one.

My computer teacher who taught HTML loved me because I performed better than others in computer.

One day, there was a website designing competition that was to be held in New Era Public School. My teacher sent the person who was given the responsibility to shortlist the names of students who knew HTML well and who could design websites using HTML.

When the person came to our class, asking the class monitor who was good enough for the competition, he (our class monitor) pointed at me. So, the boy came in and wrote my name for the competition. Two students were shortlisted to be taken for the website designing competition. Dipojjal (me) and Sagardeep.

The competition was scheduled to be held on 25th (on my birthday). Both of us reached late. We saw everyone just starting up their designing work. I and sagardeep sat on the chair and started designing the website. We made a website which had tiny flash animations to the left side navigation along with a search engine.

The judges liked our website technically. But, in terms of design, it was a not up to mark compared to other websites made by the students from other schools. We were the youngest competitors there obviously because we were the only 10th standard students representing our school. We represented “The Air Force School”.

After the competition was over, we heard the name of our school announced and we went to take the consolation certificate.

Though I did not win the competition, I learnt many new things about designing a website and computer. This was my first achievement. My interest towards computer started increasing.

I love computer! It was due to my parents who supported me throughout and at last purchased me a computer before my website designing competition so that I can practice and chase my passion.

I got more involved into computer when I joined NIIT (Computer teaching academy) when I was in 10th class (obviously the youngest here also). I joined a course which taught website designing using Adobe Flash and Dreamweaver. I performed fairly well than others in NIIT also because computer now became my passion… My life…

I got a fair performance certificate from NIIT in... This was my second achievement.

Studying and reading about computer seemed like a game. I knew where I should make my future. I want to become a software developer. Big dreams in small eyes obviously…

In 2009, I undertook an exam on PC basics and secured 95% marks. I became NCSA (National Computer Science Academy) certified PC basics master. I cannot live without computer because it never disappointed me.

I chose computer science as my subject in class 11th and learnt programming language C++. In class 12th also, I learnt C++. i gotbetter percentage in computer as compared toother subjects in both classes.

My current life and occupation:

Here, I am always surrounded by computer and more than half of my time is spent in front of the computer either developing a program, a game, a website or just tweaking my windows for time pass. Currently, I am pursuing my BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications) along with GNIIT (software engineering).

Want to know about my achievements?

Let us take a drive to my achievements…

Certificate for participation in website designing (When I represented my school- TAFS)

My NIIT certificate when I completed my course of website development

My NCSA certificate when I gave the exam for PC basics and scored 92.5%

My hearty wishes for you and once again thank you for visiting my website and taking an interest to know about me. I hope you enjoy reading the articles as much as I enjoy creating them.

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