Add user account in Windows 7

If you are a home user and are switching from XP to Windows 7, one thing you may want to do is to create a new account for the other users who use the computer. Because we are dealing with windows 7, some people may fi d it difficult to start off. So, In this article, I will teach you how to add user account in windows 7.

Many aspects of the interface for the user interface has changed from XP to Windows 7, if your computer is shared with the rest of the family. It would be nice to give each person their own account, however, you may not want to give them the same set of administration rights. Let's see how to add a new user account. Here, I will also give you an overview of each account type.

How to do it:

1. Open the Control Panel under User Accounts and Family Safety, click Add Or remove user accounts.

2. Now click on create a new user account.

3. Simply type in the name of the aaccount and the type of account (the typee of account will decide the level of rights of the user). You can either choose"Standard User" so that they cannot changes settings, delete other user's files or folders and cannot install any new program on the computer.

Now, when you restart the computer, you will be able to see the new user account you just created.


The types of account. There are three types of user accounts which lets users control the computer at different levels.

The Administrator - Provides administrator rights to the user. That is, the user with this account type has full access to the computer. Administrator can change any setting of the computer. This type of account is best suited to the owner of the computer, whoo need to have full access to the computer.

Standard - a standard user can use the capabilities of the machine. They can not install software, delete files or change system settings. If you are using a standard user account and need to make changes to the system. The administrator password is required.

Guest - let users temporary access to a computer. They can not install the software. Make changes. Or create a password. This is a good choice for users to check e-mail immediately. Or print out a document.

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