Advanced System Optimizer

Advanced system optimizer is a complete solution for optimizing your computer. You can live tension free using this software as it takes care of almost each and every issue that decreases your computer’s performance (speed) or leaves a negative impact on your system.

This software will perform many tasks for you on one go, at the click of a button. When you select deep scan and click “Start Smart PC care” once, that single click will perform the following tasks for you:

  • Delete/ remove junk files and folders thereby increasing free disk space
  • Defragments your hard disk volumes.
  • Scans and removes spyware and malware
  • Scans and removes internet and other privacy traces
  • Scans for outdated and missing drivers, downloads and installs them if necessary
  • Scans for and fixes registry errors
  • Scans and defragments registry (if fragmented).

The above mentioned features are performed by just the Smart PC care section of the software so that you can perform all these indispensable tasks at the ease of a single click. There are many other features packed in Advanced system optimizer. So, Advanced system optimizer is not only limited to the tasks mentioned above.

Other features:

Smart PC care

As mentioned above, You can perform multiple tasks such as free updisk space, defragment your hard disk, remove spyware & malware, remove privacy traces, driver update, etc. You can perform aal these tasks at the click of a button. This not only saves your time, but also makes performing multiple tasks a breeze.

Game optimizer

Like to play games? But, it happens many times that when you’re up to killing that hard boss, or just completing the level, or making an extraordinary move in the game, the game freezes instantly!, or a pop up asking to download or install an update appears. You cannot stop a message from any software application asking you to register it over the internet or asking for an update. But, you were just up to kill that boss!You want to play disturbance free. Is there any solution?Yes, there exists one! Game optimizer optimizes your computer for a smoother gameplay. It puts your game as the first and the only priority. Game optimizer create a private virtual desktop that’s completely free of distractions – no music, no instant messaging, no other apps running except of the game! What’s more, Game Optimizer actually reallocates system memory, guaranteeing that your game will have plenty of resources, and ensuring that your gaming session will be free from plummeting frame rates, stuttering audio, and all of those other annoyances!

Driver updater

If you are like me, you must be really busy to find the prefect driver for your computer. You already have the driver for your hardware. So why update? Updating actually means that you have the latest software or the latest code for your hardwares. This makes you hardwares working correctly and better as the software that makes them work is getting better. So, you need to update drivers to make sure that all your hardware is working at it’s peak. But, if you are like me, you don’t like searching for your sheep in the crowd of many sheeps looking alike!You don’t need to search for the right driver from manufacurer’s website. Driver updater does it for you. Driver updater searches for the best available driver for your computer and updates at the ease of a single click.It also takes care that after updating, your system does not malfunction, because driver updater first creates the backup copy of the previous driver andthen updates it. So,if you encounter any problem, you can just roll back the changes.

System protector

The more you browse the internet, the more is the risk of your computer getting infected by spyware. Many spywares generally come from the internet, and so, they are almost impossible to preent. You don’t know (even I don’tknow) which websites or which software download from the internet will install spyware on your computer, and once they are installed,they start doing their dirty work. Spywares generally harvest your private and confidential information like account information, password,and other confidential information that you generally enter on websites. They extract these information from the temporary files of your hard disks. They can even extract your credit card details if you shop or use credit card online!Some other spyware programs record your keystrokes on various websites and purposes.All the recorded or extracted information is sent to the creator of the spyware program. So, you risk exposing your personal and confidential information to an outsider. Therefore, it is necessary to tackle and remove these spywares as soon as they are encountered.System protector does the same work. It always remains on the memory and constantly monitors the ongoing processes and removes any spyware as soon as it is encountered. You can also use the scan feature to identify and remove spyware that are already installed and are hidden on your system.So, from now, you won’t have to stress on spyware and your privacy. You are shielded by a special anti-spyware program- System protector.

PC Fixer

PC Fixer is a friendly place for you to solve your PC problems that may negatively impact the performance of your computer. PC Fixer scans your system and display a list of problem that curb a negative impact on your system performance. After successful completion of PC Fixer scan, it displays a list of recommended actions to improve your system performance.What if you do not like to follow all the recommendations? PC Fixer still got you covered! You can choose any of the recommendations and apply that to improve your C’s performance. PC Fixer makes it even easier for you because it not only displays the recommendations in categorized for, but also features a search function for you to easily type and search for a recommendation using keyword!For example, you want to search for display recommendation, just type display, and you are done!PC Fixer is even smart enough to get it into it’s memory how it has helped you earlier. You can see the history of how PC Fixer fixed and increased your computer’s performance!

Disk Optimizer

Every hard drive when purchased, or newly formatted containsfiles and folders arranged in a sequential order. As more and more files are dealt upon (copying, pasting, managing), the files get fragmented.Now what do we mean by fragmenting? Data on your hard disk is organized in a way that files can be easily open manipulated etc. But as time passes, the pieces of files get fragmented here and there on the hard disk. One file may have its parts kept here and there on hard drive. One piece here, another on some other memory location on the hard disk. We call it discontiguous memory locations. Disk optimizer defragments and bring the pieces of the file to occupy contiguous memory location. This makes the pieces of files together, so, now, whenever the file is opened, windows do not need to collect all the pieces from the memory to display the information in the file. After defragmentation, windows will just open the file without having to search for the pieces of the file that are fragmented here and there on the hard disk. Let me make it clearer. I’ll take an example:

Case 1: You need to pick up a broken (unthreaded) pearl necklace and you need to collect all the pearls of the necklace by picking them up from the floor.
Case 2: Your friend needs to pick up a normal threaded pearl necklace lying on the floor.Who will pick up the necklace fast- You or your friend? Obviously your friend will pick up the necklace quickly and you may take a considerable amount of time to collect all pearls from the floor.Same case is with Fragmentation and defragmentation- First case is an example of fragmentation whereas second case is an example of defragmentation.So, It is better to keep your system volumes defragmented, so that programs execute fast.


It happens many a times that you have done a lot of hard work to make it a work of appreciation. You were just about to complete your work. You were to submit that project the next day, and you just accidentally deleted that file permanently! You don’t even find it in the recycle bin!The only option you are left with is by working the whole night to replicate your work! What if you still couldn’t?There is a way you can recover your deleted/lost data even if it is permanently delete from the hard disk! Don’t find your files in the recycle bin?No problem. Just run the undelete function of advanced system optimizer. Let it scan the drive from which data needs to be recovered. Undelete will scan and list all the files and folders that undelete found as being deleted.Select your file/folder and recover it to any location of your choice. What’s more? You can even preview your deleted files before recovering it!Undelete reads the data of deleted files or folders from file signatures or Master File Table entries and recovers them quickly on any location of your choice.

Registry Cleaner

The registry is considered as the heart of any operating system. Any new software or hardware that is installed on your computer creates a registry entry. When these drivers or softwares are updated, deleted, or otherwise uninstalled, they leave remaining traces as a registry entry. After, the updataion, deletion or uninstallation, these registry values become useless. They are not used by any program, Instead they create a clutter on registry.Consider, you purchased a toffee or a chocolate. You enjoyed the chocolate, now what about the wrapper? I don’t think you would find any point in carrying the wrapper also with you.These registry entries that are left behind after uninstallation are just like these wrappers. You don’t actually need them after the software has been uninstalled.Registry cleaner performs all the cleanup work. Not only removing the junk registry entries, but these entries may also create a problem when the softwares are reinstalled. Also, removing these registry entries will considerable reduce the system response time. So, run the registry cleaner, and transfer your problems to it.

Registry Optimizer

The registry is considered as the heart of any operating system. Any new software or hardware that is installed on your computer creates a registry entry. When these drivers or softwares are updated, deleted, or otherwise uninstalled, they leave free space as a registry entry. After, use over a period of time, your registry may become fragmented. Also, registry has some free space and file fragments here and there.Registry optimizer takes care of that. It creates a fresh registry for your computer using the information contained in the registry that is already there on your computer. This process removes any fragments and extra spaces between the registries and makes your registry just as new one.

System Cleaner

When you install any software, it may also copy or use some files while the installation is in progress. Setup program requires it (temporary files) until it’s successful completion. Many a times due to some error, or some unsuccessful installation, these temporary files may not get deleted. Instead, they eat up a huge space on your hard disk.There’s no other reason why these files are called “Temporary files”. These are supposed to be deleted when the setup, uninstallation, or the currently running process completes. But, as I mentioned earlier, they may not get deleted due to various reasons listed above. This means, after usage over a long period of time, system may have too many temporary files that have no purpose, but eat up a huge amount of disk space.The more and more programs you install, or use, the more will be the risk of getting your computer slugged by temporary files.Advanced system optimizer takes care of that, you just need to start the scan with the ease of a single click, and it will scan and show the temporary files and junk files that are not really necessary or are unused. You can then click clean up button to delete those files. What’s even more? It also lists the empty folders (folders that are just sitting there doing next to nothing. Having no files). You can delete all the junk and temporary files and folders with one click, or you can even see the files and folders listed, that were found unnecessary!So, you have best of both worlds, you can see what files are going to be deleted, or you can just delete all the files and folders with just one click!

Disk Explorer

Disk explorer shows you how much disk space been covered by which files. It provides you with the list of top 100 largest filles. This means you can now see and delete the biggest culprits responsible for eating up a large amount of disk space of your hard disk. These files will be generally movies (which are generally of 1GB to 1.5 on an average). So, you can view and delete the largest enemies of your computer’s disk space. You gain a considerably huge amount of disk space by deleting the largest unnecessary files.Disk explorer also show you how much disk space is covered by which type of files in an intuitive pie-chart representation. You will be displayed how much disk space is covered by which type of files in a visually appealing way along with percentage of disk space consumption.You will be amazed by how much space the music files actually cover. By this kind of representation, you’ll get a rough idea of which type of files needs to be deleted from your hard disk to gain a considerable amount of disk space.

Uninstall Manager

Time to time, it’s a great idea to remove (uninstall) some of the unnecessary softwares that are no longer in use, or are very rarely used. Uninstalling the softwares not only frees up disk space, but also makes your computer run faster.As an example, let us take the case of a software that runs on startup and always remains on the memory. Uninstalling that software will not only save disk space, but also make your computer boot faster because that was a software which used to load on the startup. Now, that it is uninstalled, the software won’t load automatically on startup, thereby making your computer boot faster.Though Windows provides a “Add or remove programs” on XP and “Uninstall or change a program” in windows 7, still you will find it easy to work with ASO’s uninstall manager. Uninstall manager lists all the software programs installed currently on your system along with the descriptions, file size, and date installed.You will have that extra edge over the conventional windows utility for uninstalling programs.

Memory optimizer

You may have encountered problems like system freeze, blue screens of death, program not responding from a long time or automatic restart without any warning. These problems are very frequent. It leads to major problems which cannot be ignored like: you lose your unsaved data because computer restarted automatically, or hangs up for which you find no way out but to turn off!These problems are generally caused by memory allocation problems. This occurs when an application tries to use the same memory which is used by another program or when an application does not free up the memory it no longer needs. The second situation, when the application does not free up memory it no longer needs is called memory drain. This leads for lesser room for other programs to execute. A program will only execute if it gets enough memory for its successful execution. Until the time it finds the required amount of memory and until the other program frees up some memory, your computer is most likely to freeze!This is not the problem of your RAM. It’s not that you don’t have enough RAM for those programs to run smoothly. At this point, it is necessary that you use software that takes care of this.Memory optimizer takes care of this entire problem circle I’ve discussed so far. It shows you in a graphical way, how your memory is used. It shows the amount of available memory, used memory and unused memory. It not only does that, but it also frees up some memory for other applications to run smoothly. Now the programs won’t have to wait until they get enough memory for their execution. It also takes care that other programs are not holding memory it no longer needs. In simple words, it takes care of memory drain also. It frees up the memory, a program no longer needs.So, when you have memory optimizer running in the memory, you won’t have to worry about any other program in the memory. You won’t even have to worry about system freezes, crashes, blue screens of death, or automatic restarts. Memory optimizer decreases the risk of all these problems!So, run memory optimizer, live tension free!

Privacy protector

Do you know that whenever you open files or folders, windows creates a record of what you’ve recently opened. Not only that, it records all the documents, files, music, videos, you’ve been opening. Everything is recorded, not just in the recent documents list, but also deep inside the windows registry. You may have opened something you don’t want to reveal publically, but, anyone who gains access to your computer in an authorized fashion, or unauthorized, may see everything you’ve recently opened, including the confidential data files you’ve opened.Problem doesn’t end just by deleting recent documents list because it has another evidence in the registry also.Not only the local files you use on your computer offline but , windows also records evidences of your online habits. Everything is recorded. It seems like protecting your privacy is a matter of challenge. All the sites you’ve opened including the date and time are recorded regularly! You cannot escape this process. Everything’s recorded. The sites, you’ve visited, the files you’ve downloaded, the most frequent sites, etc.Privacy protector is just the perfect tool that removes all that confidential or non-confidential data in a single click. All the identity revealing files are deleted. Everything is deleted in a blaze! Just click the scan and then click clean to clean all the privacy traces and records in a blaze!This protects your privacy. If you are much concerned about you privacy, this tool is nothing but the best!

Secure delete

Did you know that the files or folders you delete can actually be recovered? You may be aware of restoring data from recycle bin, so, to protect your privacy, you delete confidential data from the recycle bin also. Or you may use shift+delete button to delete the item directly from your computer without sending it to the recycle bin. You think it’s gone? Are you sure?It would be interesting to know at this point that there exist many recovery tools in the market that can recover your data even if it is not in your recycle bin. The data deleted from the recycle bin or the data that was deleted using shift+delete, can still be recovered painlessly by these software programs. These softwares use the information of the deleted item from the MFT (Master File Table), and many times recover the delted files or folders just the way they were.Consider that you deleted a file that contained sensitive data like your username and password, or your credit card details, or any other details you wouldn’t like to expose to anyone. What if he uses recovery tool and recovers the data? It’s a big loophole in your privacy. These items must be deleted the same way papers are burnt! unrecoverable!Secure delete does just the same. It deletes data from your hard disk so that it cannot be recovered even using a recovery software. It uses a deletion method developed by the US department of defense. This is a special type of deletion process that delets the data and nakes it unrecoverable so that it cannot be retrieved later by any way, any means!You would be shocked by how simple deletion is a big security loophole for your system! Use secure delete, be safe!

Secure Encryptor

If you have many files that contain your private data or confidential data, or anything that you would not like to reveal to anyone, you would need something to protect them. If you want them to be on your computer, they got to be protected, otherwise they may be stolen or misused by someone else!You cannot just hide them to protect them, because many people are becoming smarter enough today to find that data. You would need an advanced way.What do you do when you leave from your home and no one is there in the home? Yes, you would most likely lock the home and then leave. Same way, here you will lock those important and confidential data. In other words, you’ll encrypt them!Secure encryptor encrypts your private and confidential data. You can use secure encryptor to lock your files and folders with a password. Secure encryptor is case sensitive and requires an alphanumeric password with any combination of other symbols. So, your possibilities are endless. You can create a strong password the way you like.Stronger is the password, tougher it gets for you to remember the password. Forgot password? No problem, secure encryptor will even give you a password hint so that you never forget your password.Secure encryptor changes the files or folders to an unreadable format. So, people cannot open them without having the decryption password. Even if they copy the data, and use that data on their computer, they will still need a password to open and use the files or folders.Secure encryptor adds another power to your hands when it comes to protecting your privacy.

Disk Tools

Of all the hardware components on your computer, hard disk is subjected to most harsh conditions. Every day you create, copy, delete, move or any other related operation is done on the hard disk of your computer. It is also one of the most important hardwares on your computer, because it contains all the data for which computers are made. It contains all your important data, so, you cannot afford to lose them!Due to some problem or malfunction, hard disk may create bad sectors, or unreadable sectors. Sometimes the data may get stored in these sectors. If they get stored in bad sectors, you won’t be able to use that data.Here disk tools takes on the hard work. It not only scans your hard disk for bad or unreadable sectors, but also recovers any unreadable data from those sectors. It will not let you lose your data, even if it’s inside lion’s den!It will try to recover the data from those bad sectors so that you may use that data.Even if disk tools does not find any unreadable sector sector, It’ll still be of great use for you. It will monitor and inform you about the health of your hard disk. Not only that, It’ll warb=n you in advance when your hard disk is about to fail so that you can backup you important data way ahead before it fails.So, with disk tools, data loss from hard disk failures becomes a matter of past.

System & security advisor

System advisor scans and lists recommendations for improving the system performance and security in a clean and categorized form. System advisor provides you with a list of detailed categorized tips for making your computer experience even better and far more safe.You are always on the safe side with security advisor, that is, now you don’t need to manually change all the setting from within the windows that affect the security of your computer. All the security issues are listed in an easily readable categorized form.Apart from the security issues, system & security advisor also recommends many tips to improve the speed of your computer. It tells you which settings are currently affecting the speed of your computer. These are also listed in an easily readable categorized form.You can click on optimize, and system & security advisor walks you through all the recommendations to make your PC perform at its peak along with filling up all the loopholes left out in your computer’s security.

Duplicate files remover

There may be cases when a file may be used by two or more persons. Both of them may create a copy for themselves on different locations. See, the same file is present on different locations on your hard drive.It is also not wrong to say, that I myself mistakenly create copy of the same file without even getting to know. This is just because I intended to move the data (cut-paste), but instead I simply copied the data (copy-paste).There are numerous reasons, why you may accidentally or intentionally create duplicate of files. You would be amazed when you will see the number of duplicate files your computer has (most of them will be mp3). You will gain a considerable amount of disk space by running the tool called duplicate files remover.

Startup manager

Everytime you turn on your computer, you may observe that it actually takes some time to load your system. You cannot use or execute any program just at the moment when the desktop shows up. This is because actually, at the background, the startup programs are starting up. During the time when these startup programs launch, you may not double click anywhere or use any program. Doing so may slow down or completely freeze your computer (computer not responding).So, what to do when your computer needs too much of time to load up (or bootup, I should say)? The simple solution is by removing those startup programs. If you remove the startup programs, they will not load when your windows boots up. This will lead your system to bootup faster than the usual.This is the situation when startup manager starts its magic. You also have an option to uninstall the softwares which startup during your bootup. At this case, you won’t need startup manager. Then why use startup manager? Good questions.You may not want to uninstall the programs you have installed intentionally. But, you still want to speed up bootup. Here, you can always use startup manager to disable some or all of the startup prograns that you think, you wont need. You also delete the startup programs completely to pprevent the application to load when windows starts up.That’s not all! You can also add any application you would love to load when your computer just starts up (or boots up).So, with startup manager, you have the freedom to do anything you want with the startup programs. You can always disable a startup program (which will prevent the program from starting up) and re-enable a program if you decide to change your mind later. You can also remove the startup program to remove the program from startup list.Doing such will obviously decrease the load on your system when it starts up, increasing the speed of startup.
Conclusion:After packing so many features like no other software does, I don’t think anyone needs to hunt out for any other optimization software. It already packs almost all the features you need to optimize your computer. All the speed up problems and security problems are sorted out with this software.

Get advanced system Optimizer

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