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Changing drive icons in XP manually is very easy. The technique is similar to a CD with an autorun icon. If you know how various CDs and DVDs display their own customized icons, You can easily change drive icon. It doesn't matter if you don't know. You can still change the drive icon.When you insert a game CD, you can see an icon representing the CD. The technique behind is similar to the technique I am going to teach you in this tutorial.Here are the screenshots of a normal game CD and another game CD with an icon:

The screenshot above shows a CD with no game icon

The above screenshot shows a CD with a game icon

Similarly you can change drive icons in XP. Now I think you are ready for the action. Let's start.

How to do it

1. Open any drive whose icon needs to be changed.

2. Now in the drive, create a notepad text document & open it.

3. Now in the notepad text editor, type the following-
Icon= name-of-the-icon-goes-here.ico

Here is a screenshot:

4. Now after typing the above code, go to file menu & click save as.

5. In the save as dialog box, select all files from the save as type drop down list.

6. Now in the file name text box, type- ‘autorun.inf’ to save the file.

7. Now restart your system & you will be able to see the effects just after the first restart.

NOTE: There should be 2 files- autorun.inf & an icon file. Both the files should be saved in the drive itself and the locations should be: D:\autorun.inf & D:\guddu.ico.

This means both the files should be in the same drive location & they should be placed under the parent drive itself not on any other folder.


As soon as you restart the computer, the drive icon changes.

Here is what happened after restarting my computer:

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