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The very first image that we see when windows starts (that is, the image with windows logo and the progress bar) is called the boot screen. It is actually an image that is hidden away in a file named: ntoskrnl.exe. This system file is loaded when windows boots.

We can change windows boot screen by modifying this file. Many people knew that this is the file responsible for showing the boot screen; so, they started modifying it with resource editors. They modified it on their own computer and started distributing it. This is the reason why you will find many such hacked or modified ntoskrnl.exe file on the net. I won’t provide you the modified file, nor should I. This is because it has many problems associated with it.

What are the problems involved with changing boot screen?

The file that you may receive from the internet or from any other resource may not be compatible for you or won’t work at all. This is because, windows XP has different codes for different languages and versions.

This means that if you obtain a modified ntoskrnl.exe file from someone who has the chinese version of windows xp, then it may not work for your english version. Even if you obtain the file from english vesion of the same version, you may still get disappointed because microsoft update generally may update the coding and settings of your system.

Though this modified file may wok for some cases, It won’t work for majority of the cases. And if it does not work for you, you may get yourself into a big trouble because whenever you turn on your windows, you’ll encounter an error message that ntoskrnl.exeis either missing or corrupt.

So, my advice is to stay away from such files to customize your boot screen. There is a better and convenient way to change the boot screen of your computer without having to replace this file with the modified file.

I recommend you to use bootskin by stardock to modify your bootskin so that you stay on the safe side. It won’t harm your system. It updates the drivers to change the boot screen. You have a large seklection of boot screen to choose from. This is the best software and the best way to customize your boot screen.
-->Download boot skin for windows XP
-->Download boot skin for windows vista

Using bootskin:

1. Install boot skin on your computer.

2. Now you have a large selection of boot skins available to choose from. Choose one.

3. Clik preview to preview the boot screen. Click the mouse button to get back to the boot screen selection list.

4. Select any boot screen and click apply to change the boot screen.

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