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Recent items list keeps the track of all the recently opened documents, files, and even folders. For example you opened a hidden text fiile containing your important password information, or anything that's sensitive and should not be disclosed to anyone else. This file will be listed in the recently opened documents on the start menu.

All the recent files worked upon will be listed in the recent documents folder. A shortcut of recently opened documents is created in recent documents folder. So, your important files are openly exposed to the outside world and to those who intend to harm you.

People can see the whole list of documents that were recently opened inside the recent documents foder. They can even gain acess to any of the listed files (even if they are hidden) by just clicking on them. This also creates a loophole in the security of your computer system.

If you do not want to expose those sensitive data or files to intruders or to anyone using your system, you can clear recent items from the list so that no one has an idea about the recently opened items.

Here is a screenshot of my recently opened documents:

Recent documents

How to do it:
  1. Right click on the taskbar (Taskbar is the strip present at the bottom of the screen) or the start menu.
  2. Click properties
  3. Click the Start Menu tab.
  4. Now click customize next to Start Menu or Classic Start Menu option (That depends upon the type of start menu you use).
  5. Now click Clear list on the programs section- This will clear the list of recently used programs.
  6. Now go to advanced tab and click clear list on the Recent documents section.
  7. Uncheck "List my most recently opened documents" if you want to remove recently opened documents option from the start menu permanently.

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