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Creating fake desktop interface is really thrilling and exciting. What you actually do is that you create a fake desktop interface that looks identical to the original desktop interface. It would appear identical to a normal desktop. But, the desktop won’t function normally!!! Because you have played the trick to fake it!!!

This fake desktop will show all the icons and the start menu, but, nothing will work! The desktop icons will be shown, but user cannot select or double click it. He can only sit and see the icons.

He won’t be able to perform any action on the desktop icons. He can only see the icons, but nothing will work because the icons he would be able to see will be fake icon images, not original ones!!!

This might make him think that his computer is having some problem or his computer is not responding. He would probably restart the computer. Not even restarting will help him out of this problem! He can only get rid of the problem if he knows the actual trick behind it (like you do). Just follow along and enjoy the ride!

What is the concept behind?

You actually set an image identical to the desktop as a desktop background and hide the actual icons. But the user does not know that it is an image, so, the icons, and everything else on the desktop is an image, not actually an icon.

Now, because the icons are not actually icons, but are actually an image, they won’t function!

Nor will the other parts of the desktop!

How to do it:

1. First, you need to take snapshot of your desktop. Close all other programs and on the desktop, press prt sc key on your keyboard.

2. Now, open paint and on the paint window, press ctrl+v (paste) to paste the screenshot of your desktop.

3. Now save the image at any location you prefer.

4. Now, navigate to the location where you saved the screenshot of your desktop and set it as the background.
To do this, just right click the image and select "Set as desktop background" from the menu.

5. After setting the desktop background, right click on your desktop and go to view and uncheck the “Show desktop items” on the sub menu. You will still see the icons, but these are not actual icons, these are a part of the image.

6. Now, you need to set the taskbar to auto hide itself because this is the only functional component present on the dektop. Let's make it non functional!
To do this, right click anywhere on the taskbar and click on “properties”.

7. Now, check “Auto-hide the taskbar”.
Now, you have hidden all the elements present on the desktop. All you can see is an image of a desktop (not the actual desktop). The icons, the start menu, taskbar, everything is fake.

Video Guide


You’ll observe that all the icons and the start menu is visible, but you would not be able to click, select or do anything with the icons and the start menu.

This is because, you have hidden the actual icons, and what is visible on the desktop is just an image, not an original icon.

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