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Do you know that you can create your own sound theme in XP. It’s that easy that even a beginner with a basic knowledge can create his/her own sound theme in XP. The only thing you need to do is replace the default XP sounds with your new one. You can also have fun replacing the sound theme with your own one, like I did. I just recorded the voice of a child and patched that with the default XP sounds! :-)

You can change the following sounds used in XP-

  • Windows XP startup sound
  • Windows XP shutdown sound
  • Windows XP exclamation sound
  • Wndows XP balloon sound
  • Windows XP battery critical sound
  • Windows XP error sound
  • Windows XP hardware insert sound
  • Windows XP hardware remove sound
  • Windows XP start sound
  • Windows XP critical stop sound

How to do it

1. Navigate to C:\Windows\Media

2. Now play the following audio (*.wav) files- Windows XP Startup.wav, Windows XP Shutdown.wav, Windows XP Exclamation.wav, Windows XP Error.wav, Windows XP Hardware insert.wav, Windows XP Hardware remove.wav, Windows XP Recycle.wav.
can you recognize these files?
Yes you’re right these are the default sounds used by XP.

3. Now replace these files with other files with the same name. For example if you would like to replace Windows XP startup.wav with another audio file located in folder- E:\My audios\super.wav, Then rename super.wav to Windows XP startup.wav and then copy the audio file to C:\Windows\Media folder.Replace the existing sound file with the newly created sound file.

Now let us create a sound theme of our own:

Download the required files (sound theme files) to complete the sound theme change operation.You can freely use or distribute these sample audio files for your personal use only (not commercial use).After downloading the required files, extract the zipped file and copy all the sound files in the C:\Windows\Media folder. A restart is required to reflect the changes.


You should see an immediate change in Windows XP sound theme as soon as you restart your system.

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