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Change drive icon

Windows display drives with a boring icon similar to that of a hard drive, which is rather boring. You see the same icon everyday and every time you open My Computer. Do you want to spice it up a little?What if you could display your own customized icon that represents a hard disk partition?You can actually display a gaming icon on the drive in which you use to keep your games or display a document looking icon on the drive in which you use to keep your information and important material.You can also display do not open icon on the drive in which you keep your important and sensitive materials like passwords. You can even display any of your custom designed icons. There is a lot more you can do by changing the drive icons.


Enhance windows XP look

By default windows XP has quite a descent look, but after a period of time, we get bored up with the visual theme. You can make it look even better than windows vista and windows 7. In this article, I have mentioned some softwares that will enhance the look of windows XP greatly. Your windows XP will look very elegant, even better than windows 7!Not only that, you can also choose from a huge selection of mouse pointers using a software called cursor XP.You can even change the colour of individual folders in windows XP to red, pink, blue, green, orange, yellow, etc using a software called iColourFolder. We will use some of the listed softwares to enhance the look of windows XP- StyleXP, CursorXP, and iColourFolder


Royale theme for windows XP

You can download and install Royale theme to add elegance to your system. It does not change the system much, but adds a gradient theme to make your windows XP look better.It won’t change your system much. The basic look will remain unchanged, but this time with a little bit elegance. This is Microsoft's own theme made especially for windows XP. It is made available for free on Microsoft's website. Download and install this theme if you like windows XP's look, but would like to spice it up a bit more.


Small start menu icons

By default, Windows XP shows large icons on the start menu. You can actually decrease the size of those icons displayed in the start menu. You can opt to show small icons in the start menu. This makes it easier for you to navigate through the frequently used programs.The main advantage of small icons on the start menu is that, small icon looks much more professional than a large icon representing a single program or feature. You can also see more number of files listed in the recently opened files when you choose to show small icons in the start menu.


Make folders invisible

Did you know that you can hide a folder without setting the properties to "hidde"? This is another way of hiding folders. You actually do not hide the folder, Instead you just make it invisible so that other people cannot see the folder, forcing them to think that there is no such folder. You make the folder invisible by removing the display icon used to show the folder.Every folder has an icon. What if we could remove that icon? Wouldn't it make that folder invisible?


Remove file/folder name

Can you have file, folder or anything in computer without any name?Try it, you won't be able to remove the text below anything in computer. In simple words, windows does not allow to have anything without any name. It may sound weird to you, but you can actually remove the text below the icons, file or a folder!


Transform XP to Vista

There are many softwares or programs, using which you can make windows XP to look identical to windows Vista.Do you want to install windows Vista, but don't have the proper hardware to make install it? Here is a simple solution to your problem. You can now download some softwares that will make your windows XP look like windows Vista. Download and install these softwares and you won't be complaining about your hardware. You won’t say: "My hardware and configuration is not powerful enough to install windows Vista".There is a software that does the same job perfectly. Vistamizer is all-in-one software that can make your windows XP look identical to that of windows Vista. This is the best windows Vista transformation tool available on the internet.All you need to do is, just download and install the software and you'll be amazed how it transforms your Windows XP to Vista in minutes!


Create sound theme

Yes! You read it right! Now you can have your own customized sound theme. You can create your own sound theme by creating or collecting different sounds for different windows fuctions (in which a sound is played) and patching the default sound theme of windows XP by the new one.You just need to replace the default boring windows sound theme with the newly created one. It’s that easy!


Remove windows XP default wallpapers

Right click on desktop => properties => wallpaper. You will be able to see all the default wallpapers of windows XP. These are the wallpapers that windows XP comes bundled with.You do not copy these wallpapers to your computer, Instead they get installed automatically when you install windows XP. But, you may want to remove them for several reasons including wiping out some disk space.


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