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Windows has a default boot time of 30 seconds which is called timeout of the boot.ini file. You can decrease the timeout of boot.ini file to any value to any value you like to decrease boot time of windows XP.

It must be irritating you when you are in a hurry, and then you turn on the computer, and it takes too much time to load.

It happened with me a while ago. So, here’s a medicine for that. Your computer’s not actually weak, but for some reasons, it does not perform at it's peak. You can speed up the startup of your computer. That is, your computer will turn on faster.

There are many ways you can speed up your computer without any upgrading your hardware. You just need to tweak your software.

How to do it

1. Click start

2. Click run

3. In the run dialog box, type ‘msconfig’ and press enter/open.

4. In the system configuration utility dialog box click BOOT.INI tab at the top

5. Over to the right there will be a box labeled Timeout with 30 in it. Change the 30 to a 3.

6. Click apply.

7. Click close.

8. Click restart.

9. Now after restarting, you will encounter a system utility dialog box, In the dialog box click the checkbox "Don’t show this message or launch the system utility when windows start".

10. Click OK.

Now after changing the timeout of BOOT.INI file, your XP will boot faster than ever before.

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