Decrease color quality


By default, the color quality of a normal PC is set to highest (32-bit in Windows XP). This leads to a high quality color rendering (rendering more colors).

For rendering so many colors, the CPU needs to process more colors than 16-bit color rendering. Now this also increases the workload on the CPU and thus decreases the speed of the system.

Setting the color quality to 16 bit will decrease the visual quality but that does not bother me as long as I have the power to get the most out of my PC. You need to decrease the color quality to speed up computer.

It is irritating why we always need to compromise on visual quality to improve performance, but that’s the rule in computer, decreasing visuals means less usage of resources and therefore means better performance.

How to do it

1. Right click on the desktop.

2. Click properties.

3. Now go to settings tab and set the color quality to medium 16 – bit.

Now that you have the 16-bit color quality, hence the color rendering will be lower, therefore leading to high processing speeds.

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