Defragment your drives


You should defragment your drives on a regular basis (weekly) or as soon as it becomes fragmented.

What is defragmentation? And how’d I know whether my files are defragmented or not?
Files and folders on a computer system are generally fragmented (fragmented means separated into many parts). That is, actually a file may occupy non contiguous memory locations on your hard disk. Here one part of the file may be present on one part of the hard disk whereas other part on the other part of the hard disk. In short, the fragments of fikle are scattered here and there on the hard disk.

Managing files and folders, copying, pasting, moving, and other file operations leads to fragmentation. The files on your computer are stored on the memory allocation in fragments, which needs to be defragmented as soon as possible. So when we run a program (game or software), the program execution takes time to collect it’s fragments from the memory and hence the time taken to run a software or game is badly affected.

Let us take an example-

Case 1: You need to pick up a broken (unthreaded) pearl necklace and you need to collect all the pearls of the necklace by picking them up from the floor.

Case 2: Your friend needs to pick up a normal threaded pearl necklace lying on the floor.

Who will pick up the necklace fast- You or your friend?
Obviously your friend will pick up the necklace quickly and you may take a considerable amount of time to collect all pearls from the floor.

Same case is with Fragmentation and defragmentation- First case is an example of fragmentation whereas second case is an example of defragmentation.

You can defragment your drives to bring these fragments of files scattered here and there on the hard disk together. The pearls are the fragments of the same file, so, execution of file that is defragmented is easier than that of a file which is fragmented (having it's parts scattered on the hard disk like the unthreaded pearls). So, It is better to keep your system volumes defragmented, so that programs execute faster.

How to do it

1. Go to start.

2. Go to All programs.

3. Go to accessories.

4. Go to system tools and click disk defragmenter.

5. Now click on volume (C:).

6. Now click the analyze button on the bottom left side to see whether you need to defragment your volume or not.

7. If it shows ‘You should defragment your volume’, then click on Defragment button to perform the operation.

8. If it shows ‘You do not need to defragment your volume’, then analyze for the other drives also and work according to the message displayed.

9. When completed, close the application and perform this operation every weekend

Your drives are now defragmented now you can see guaranteed speed results. The programs(be it softwares or games) from now will run faster then it used to be before & your friend PC too.

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