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Desktop is one of the most important parts in an operating system. We generally prefer keeping our important program shortcuts on the desktop. We also keep many other files and folders we need frequently on our desktop. I also used to keep too many shortcuts on the desktop.

But, soon I realized that keeping so many shortcuts decrease the speed of our computer. Keeping too many shortcuts on the desktop may slow down your system startup. So, I recommend you to delete unnecessary shortcuts.

How does keeping so many shortcuts slow down the system?

Actually keeping too many shortcuts on the desktop increases the workload of a system. When you turn on your PC, The window processes the shortcuts to find their targets.

Let us take an example- You have a shortcut named NFSMW on your desktop. Now when you restart or turn on your PC, The windows quickly crawls to the location C:\program files\EA games\Need for speed most wanted\NFSMW.exe and verifies whether the file is valid/present or not.

This finding and verification process increases the workload and slows down your PC. Windows takes time to display all the shortcuts because everytime windows starts up, it need to crawl to the location and same verification process is followed for every shortcut.

Keep only necessary program shortcuts on your desktop. Remove all the unnecessary ones or the ones you can access easily through the start menu or somewhere else.

You are the owner of your own PC, so I cannot tell you which shortcuts are unnecessary. Still, I would recommend some of the shortcuts, which I consider to be unnecessary and worth removing.
These are:

  • VLC player shortcut- you can play any video by double clicking on it so, I didn’t need the shortcut for VLC player, because I could play almost all VLC videos by simply double clicking on them.
  • Winzip- You can unzip or zip any file or folder by right clicking on it (file or folder) and selecting extract/add to archive. So, I consider it as another unnecessary shortcut.
  • WinRar- same reason as for winzip. So, I remove this shortcut from the desktop. If you are still stuck, ask yourself the following questions-
  • Do I really need this shortcut, I mean really need it?
  • Do I use this shortcut frequently?
  • Is this shortcut indispensable on the desktop?

If the answer to the above questions is yes, keep the shortcut, but in the other case delete unnecessary shortcuts from the desktop. Believe me it is really worth removing them considering the startup speed you gain.

And you can always place back the shortcuts. Just go to the target program location and right click and send to desktop to create its shortcut.

How to do it

1. Select all the shortcuts on your desktop you want to delete.

2. Now delete the shortcuts using the Delete button or to delete the shortcuts permanently, use Shift + Delete.


With less shortcuts on your desktop, your computer's startup performance will improve.

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