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Style XP

Style XP is a perfect software to enhance the look of your Windows XP. You can drastically change the look of windows XP using style XP. Style XP is one of the best softwares (excluding vista theme softwares) for styling your windows XP.

What’s even better in style XP is that you can customize the themes & create your own bootscreen apart from the already installed themes. You can even change the buttons on your windows explorer such as- back button, forward button, up button, folders button etc. present just below the title bar.

Here is the screenshot of my style XP desktop:

Download Style XP

Cursor XP

Corsors in Windows XP are quite boring. Cursor XP is also another software to enhance windows XP look. Cursor XP changes your boring cursor. It has many inbuilt cursors to choose from that are enough to spice up your desktop.

Here is a screenshot of cursor XP interface:

Download cursor XP


iColourFolder is a perfect software to spice up folders in windows XP. Using iColourFolder, you can change the colour of any folder in Windows XP. This is a perfect software for you if you are bored with the same old – fashioned yellow folder.

By default Windows XP folders are coloured yellow, so you are forced to view the folders with the same appearance every day. Best remedy to avoid this boredom is downloading & installing I colour folder so that you can change the colour of any folder.

There are many options & colours to choose from in iColourFolder. Besides having fun changing the colour of the folders, iColourFolder has many other benefits. One of them is that we can organize folders with different colours. We can place the important in blue and all entertainment data in pink or red colour. So, this gives a visual guidance.

For example- I have softwares folder labeled in pink colour & all Games folder labeled in gray. so whenever I open the drive, I can easily make out that the folder labeled in pink are softwares folder because just one glance is sufficient to recognize the folder through it’s colour.

Here is a screenshot of icolour folder:

Download icolor folder

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