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You can get necessary information about your system in command prompt window using the systeminfo command. I admit that you can see the system information by right clicking on my computer icon but, using "systeminfo" command, you get full system information on the command prompt screen. That is you get all the information you would get if you right click on my computer along with some other necessary details.

It not only shows the RAM, had disk, OS, etc, but Also shows the system uptime, OS install date, Computer manufacturer, and other impotant details about your computer. In a nutshell, this command is used to get full system information.

How to do it:
  1. Hold down windows key+R to open the run dialog box.
  2. Then open command prompt by typing cmd on th run dialog box.
  3. Type "systeminfo" in the command prompt screen to get the information about you computer.

You can get to know from how much time your computer is running since it was tured on.

You get the following information about your system:

  1. Host Name
  2. OS Name
  3. OS Version
  4. OS Manufacturer
  5. OS Configuration
  6. OS Build Type
  7. Registered Owner
  8. Registered Organization
  9. Product ID
  10. Original Install Date
  11. System Up Time
  12. System Manufacturer
  13. System Model
  14. System Type
  15. Processor(s)
  16. BIOS Version
  17. Windows Directory System Directory
  18. Boot Device
  19. System Locale
  20. Input Locale
  21. Time Zone
  22. Total Physical memory
  23. Available Physical memory
  24. Virtual Memory: Max Size
  25. Virtual Memory: Available
  26. Virtual Memory: In use
  27. Page File Location(s)
  28. Domain
  29. Logon Server
  30. Hotfix(s)
  31. Network Card(s)

Here is a screenshot of my system information:


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