Hack email or facebook password

You can hack any email or social networking accout no matter how difficult the password may be. Hacking through hit and trial methods (where we just try to guess the password) have merely zero chances of success. It would be like firing a bullet in the dark where you can’t even see yourself.

So I have come up with sure-shot ways to hack which are pretty easy to follow and you don’t even need to play a guessing game. Everything will be in front of you. The username and password would be clearly written on your computer monitor and it is easier than you can imagine. You just need to download some softwares that I will be suggesting you and you can use those softwares to hack the accounts easily. No programming or high level knowledge of computer is require.

There are many ways you can hack an email or a social networking password, but I will be suggesting you the 2 best methods to hack them. These methods are:

· Using keylogger software.

· Using Remote administration tool (CyberGate).

Using keylogger

I’ll be starting off with keylogger because it is the easiest way to hack any password without you having to do a much of work. You can easily download and setup keylogger software. Before downloading you must keep in mind that generally all tools/ softwares that are related to some hacking activities are easily identified by antivirus and security softwares. So, keylogger may be identified by your antivirus as a virus. You can safely ignore the antivirus warning. You have to either uninstall your antivirus or add keylogger (or any other hacking tool) to the safe list/trusted program list/whitelist so that your antivirus does not identify that software as a virus or a malicious software.

Here are two keylogger softwares. You can download any one of them:

Download keylogger

Download aradamax keylogger

After downloading, add advanced keylogger to your trusted programs list and install it. If your antivirus shows the installed program as virus, add it to your trusted programs list again or uninstall the antivirus.

Now your next step is to open the keylogger and test it on yourself.

What keylogger actually does?

Keylogger records all the keystrokes from your computer keyboard. So, this means whether you type in the user name or the password on any site, every keystroke is recorded. The username as well as the password will get recorded and will be saved in a log file, which you can open and view later.

So, be it any social networking site, email service provider site or simply a text document, everything you type in through keyboard is automatically recorded by the keylogger in the log file, that is, it will record every key that is pressed irrespective of the application on which you are working.

Some people recognized that keylogger is running in the background, but keyloggers these days have become even smarter. You can get a keylogger that runs on the background in hidden mode and he screen would only show up when you type in a password that you have set for the keylogger to open. The keylogger is totally hidden it is not even shown in the add or remove programs list in the control panel.

So, anyone can download advanced keylogger and install it to capture the keystrokes and hack the passwords without letting the computer user know about it.

Using Remote Administration Tool (RAT)

Remote administration tools (RATs) are the tools which are used to control computer systems from anywhere in the world. There is a huge array of remote administration tools on the internet, but we will use CyberGate because it is easy to use and packs a lot of features.

CyberGate is a remote administration tool which allows you to control any computer remotely from anywhere in the world without letting the user know about it!

Using remote administration tool, you can control the software’s, and even the hardware of a computer system from anywhere around the world. It is much more powerful than the hacking tool I discussed above, that is keylogger. Remote keylogger is just one part of CuberGate. Keylogger comes as one feature out of the many other features. It packs many other features which are discussed below.

The features of CyberGate are:

1. File manager- cut, copy, paste and delete files and folders from any computer without letting the computer user know about it.

2. Windows list

3. Processes list (All current processes running on the computer you are controlling remotely through CyberGate).

4. Services list (services that are currently running in the background)

5. Device list (opens the device manager from where you can control the drivers installed on the system. You can even uninstall a driver from the computer remotely to make a hardware non functional. For example you can uninstall the audio driver from the computer to make the computer not able to play audios. ).

6. Registry editor (to change or modify the registry of the computer remotely).

7. Programs assist.

8. Startup manager (manage the programs, that is, add or remove programs that automatically start up when computer is turned on).

9. Installed programs (you can even uninstall them remotely from your computer).

10. Active ports list.

11. Remote desktop- you can control the user’s desktop without asking him for permission to do so. That is, you can control his whole computer like you would control your own. It shows you the screen of the user desktop and you can use your mouse and keyboard to control his computer. So, in this way, the whole computer is at your disposal. You can do whatever you want (delete, copy, paste, modify or even turn off or restart his computer!)

12. Webcam capture- You can use his webcam to capture and show you the video. The webcam will start capturing and show you the video without even asking the user.

13. Audio capture- You can use his microhone to capture audio. You can listen to everything the user speaks through his microphone.

14. Keylogger- As stated above, keylogger is used to record every keystroke through the keyboard. So, using this feature, you can see what the user has typed through his keyboard (it may be anything user’s email ID his email password, his Facebook user ID or his Facebook password) without letting the user know about it.

15. Password recovery.

16. Open a web page- You can open any web page on users computer even if he does not want to open it, because it will open without asking the user for permission to open that website.

17. Download and execute file on user’s computer (you can either run the file normally or in hidden mode).

18. Chat- You can directly chat to the computer user without using any email address or anything to login. You may initiate a chat saying: “You have been hacked” or something like that. It would be fun to do. Or you may send “turn off your computer within 10 seconds otherwise it will encounter a serious error” as a chat.

19. Extra options- Under extra options, you may hide, show, block or unblock the taskbar, start button, icons, etc. You may turn off, restart, hibernate, etc. You can even open the disk tray without user’s permission. In other words you can play around with user’s computer using these options.

20. In other words, you can do anything on user’s computer without even touching his computer physically.

You can use this software to threaten, hack, or just play around with someone’s computer.

Download CyberGate

Setting this software up is a bit complicated process. So you can follow the guide: setting up CyberGate to start hacking someone’s computer by gaining access to someone’s computer without asking for his permission.

You’re not the only smart person in the world

Like you know about keylogger and RAT, anyone in the world may also know about the same. They may try the same attack on you. They may install keylogger on your system and you won’t be able to know when all your keystrokes are getting recorded without your knowledge.

There are even people in the world who program their own keylogger and RATs!

After all, the keylogger and RAT softwares must have been made by someone. So, in this “smarter than you think” world, you need to keep yourself secured. The main purpose of this article is not to teach how to hack but to teach how to prevent it. Because you know what and how hackers do it, you can protect yourself from such attacks.

Here are some things that you should do to keep yourself protected in this WWW world:

1. Always keep an antivirus installed on your computer system.

2. Keep your antivirus updated to tackle the latest viruses that emerge out every day.

3. Never add any program to your trusted applications list until you are totally sure that the software will not harm you or your privacy.

4. Always keep your antivirus or your security softwares like Internet security software turned on.

5. Always keep real time scan turned on (real time scan is the scan that runs on the background and checks currently running processes and files/folders that you are accessing). You can get this setting on your antivirus or internet security software.

6. Run a full system scan using your antivirus/security software at least once every 15 days.

If you follow the above methods, you may minimize the chances of your computer getting hacked to a minimum because people use viruses and malicious programs (which are easily detected by antiviruses and security softwares) to hack into systems and steal personal information.

So, that’s how you can keep your PC protected against hackers and intruders.

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