Hack user account


You can hack administrator password by following this simple trick.

Many people protect all their user accounts, but forget to password protect the account named "administrator" which is present in every windows XP system, but it is not shown in the user account selection menu.

That is why many people won't even know that it actually exists. So, they don't even care about protecting it. And good news is that this account has all the access rights and privileges. In short, it has the power to rename, reset, delete, or change any user account.

Using administrator account, you can gain access to any account or modify any account. You can even change the password of any other user account without even knowing the current password. When you change the password using this account, you are prompted to enter the new password but you are not prompted to enter the current password. This means you can change the password without even knowing the current password.

When you change your own user account password, even then, you are prompted to enter the previous password. Let me take an example to make it clear. You have a password protected account named "Dipojjal". Now since, I am the user of that account, I have the rights to change the password by opening that account. But even though I have opened my user account entering the correct password, I am prompted to enter the current password to change the password.

account overcomes this problem also. You don't even have to enter the current password for a user account to change its password.

So, the whole concept is that you open the default administrator account (which is generally not password protected) and change or reset the password of any other account even if you don't know the password for that account.

How to do it:
  1. Turn on your computer.
  2. You should see a welcome screen, when you need to choose a user account.
  3. Press ctrl+alt+delete key combination twice one after the other.
  4. Now you will see a "Log on to windows" dialogue box.
  5. In username, type "Administrator" without the quotes an leave the password text box blank.
  6. Click the OK button or press Enter to log on to windows.
  7. Now that you've logged on to windows, your next step is to change or reset the password for the user account.
  8. Click start --> Control panel --> User accounts.
  9. Now, on the user accounts dialogue box, click the user account that you want to gain access to.
  10. After clicking the user account, you get a list of options to: "change the name", "Change the password", "remove the password", "Change the picture", and "Change the account type".
  11. Click "change the password".
  12. Now enter the new password for the account. You need to enter the new password only, not the current password (which you probably don’t know).
  13. Click "change password" button to change the password of the user account.
  14. Now you have successfully changed the password for the user account.


After changing the user password, restart the computer and enter the new password to gain access to the user account!


Always password protect your administrator account which is hidden by default in XP. So, go to control panel and change the password for the administrator account.

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