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Microsoft Windows XP has great security & other features. But after a while these security definitions & features get older & they need to be updated. Therefore to tackle the problem of older security, Windows XP has a feature called automatic update. This feature automatically updates your system for new security & new definitions from the internet without even asking you. It downloads the required updates from Microsoft update site when you are online.

Some users don't even get to know that the windows update is actually running in the background when they are browsing the web. This feature has both advantage as well as disadvantage. And I always personally recommended you to update your system, but many people want to get rid of these updates because these updates are downloaded from the internet resulting in slower internet surfing experience (It generally doesn’t cause a huge impact, but the impact is considerable when you are downloading something from the internet or streaming videos over the net).

Also, these updates are downloaded without your permission, and Microsoft generally releases updates very frequently, so if you have an Internet service that's very expensive or offers limited Internet service (eg. 1GB/month data download only), I would recommend you to turn off the automatic updates because, whenever you open the internet, automatic update feature will keep on downloading definition updates from the internet and would usually have a huge impact on the internet data usage.

Imagine that you are browsing/surfing the Internet for a very useful information for your project. You are encountering connection speed problems & also when you are surfing & reading the information, you are frequently troubled by update popup messages. Not just that, it keeps on downloading updates untyil it is finished downloading the updates. I’ll give you a quick way to get rid of all these troubles.

You can stop windows from updating itself automatically when you are online. Now before proceeding any further, I would like to repeat that “it is not recommended to turn off automatic updates” as it necessary to keep your system up-to-date with latest software and security features.

How to do it

1.Click Start, which is located on the taskbar.

2.Now on the Start menu, go to Control Panel.

3.Now in the Control Panel, click security Center.

4.Now in the Security Center window, click off (not recommended).

5.Now click OK & close the Security Center window.

Brief how to do it

Start => Control Panel => Security Center => Off (not recommended) => OK => Close the window


Now you have turned off the security updates. Now you are away from the troubles arising from automatic updates. Now whenever you connect to the internet, the updates will not start automatically till the time you turn it on.

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