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Removing new folder.exe


New folder.exe virus is a very irritating virus which comes again after we delete it. It multiplies itself (when I say multiplying, I mean to say that the virus copies itself everywhere and spreads to infect the computer). This is one of the most popular viruses among many computer users because this is a very fast spreading virus.

To understand what the virus does, let us take an example- You take some data from your friend through pen drive or any other storage media. You then connect the pen drive to your computer and copy-paste the whole data. Now, you don't know that the pen drive may contain virus. If you do not run an antivirus scan before copying data, then the virus may creep into your system.

Now, when you were accessing the folder, you encountered that data of the pen drive contained a virus named new folder.exe. which is now on your computer. When you create any new folder, the virus copies itself there also. Even if you open any other folder on your computer, it will copy itself to that folder. See, how the multiplying process keeps continue.At the time you copied data, there was only one virus in the pen drive. This virus copied itself on various locations on your computer. Now there are many of them.

This multiplication process increases the amount of viruses on your computer & hence infects your system badly. Chill down. It's not a matter of high risk. Read this article's “How to do it” section to know how to remove that virus. Even if this article does not work for you, there are several antivirus softwares that can easily handle such viruses.

How to do it
  1. Open task manager on your desktop by clicking Ctrl+Alt+Delete
  2. Now click Processes tab.
  3. Now check if there is any process named ‘NewFolder.exe’.
  4. If you find a process named ‘NewFolder.exe’, right click & select end process tree to end the virus process (if you do not find a process like this then, you may skip this step)
  5. Now open My Computer & make a search
  6. In the search make sure all files & folders are included in the search (even the hidden ones).
  7. Now in the search text box, type ‘new folder.exe’.
  8. Delete all the files in the search results (please do not double click otherwise the virus process will be executed & you won’t be able to delete the virus files) by selecting and clicking Shift+Delete to delete the viruses permanently.

Brief how to do it

Ctrl+Alt+Delete => Processes tab => Check for NewFolder.exe => Right click => End process tree => Open ‘My Computer’ => Make a search => Type new folder.exe => Delete all files in the search results.

Remove folder-name.exe virus


This type of virus is a multiplying and a fast growing virus which is infecting many computers day by day. It creates a folder with the samme name as that of the folder and hides the actual folder (so what you see is actually the virus). You see thefolder name and click on it and the malicious code starts executing. What you see is actually folder-name.exe (here folder-name means the name of your folder). So, if you havve a folder named NFS, the virus itself creates an executable files with the name NFS.exe but looks exactly like a normal folder.

We need to identify the virus and remove them. Whe this virus infects a drive, we can easily identify this type of virus because theicon of the drive changes to that of a folder. So, instead of the drive icon, you see a folder icon. You may run an antivirus scan or follow the manual method mentioned herein to remove these viruses.

How to do it:
  1. You may use unlocker to delete any such files(s) or folder(s) which you suspect to be a virus.
NOTE: All viruses may be removed without an antivirus using unlocker. You may download and install it. After installing you may right click any file or folder (which you think can be a virus) and choose unlocker from the right click menu to delete it.

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