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By optimizing visual, I mean to decrease the visual effects and animations on your computer to improve performace.

Optimizing the visual of the computer will gradually increase the speed of you computer. This is because Windows XP uses these visual styles to enhance its look. These visual styles use more memory and take greater time to load, slowing down your PC.

I recommend you to optimize visual to improve performance. After this setting, your computer will have very basic classic theme, but since it uses less graphic and animations, it will gradually increase the speed of your computer.

The memory of your computer will now won’t focus on the visual style. So, the memory can be used by other applications and processes. Your computer now won’t use any animation or extra effects, thereby focusing on your computer’s performance rather than its visuals.

How to do it

1. In the My Computer icon, right click to get the menu.

2. Go to properties button and click it.

3. Click the advanced tab

4. Now click the settings button just below the performance section.

5. Now on the visual effects tab select the adjust for best performance button.

6. Click Apply.

7. Click OK.


Now you have the classic view and you have successfully optimized the visual of your computer.

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