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Almost all viruses slow down your computer. These viruses run in background while you are working. They execute their own processes in the background in hidden mode so that you cannot identify these viruses, even many antiviruses fail to detect those viruses.

For example when you play a game (NFSMW, IGI etc) in your PC having viruses, you might detect problems with speed such as game not responding, game running slow, or game freezing after some time etc.

This problem is not always related to viruses, you may also encounter such problems if your PC is slow with very low RAM. But if you think your computer is fast enough to run the game painlessly, but still it fails to proove you right, then you can be sure that the problem is caused by virus or spyware hidden inside your computer.

When you minimize your game and continue working on another task the computer may appear slower but it is not the fault of the computer, it is the fault of the game & viruses that are running on the system (in the background). I gave this example just to show you how processes running on the background may slow you down!

But, it’s not too late, The simple and best remedy is removing all the viruses from your computer, so that they don’t slow you down by running processes on the background. You will definitely gain speed and find your computer working the way you always wanted it to work!

How to do it

You can remove viruses by using an antivirus or internet security.

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With a good antivirus or interet security software, you can remove viruses from your computer.

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