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What if you get to know that you can remove the text below the icons in Windows XP. Yes it’s true, you can have a file/folder without any name!!!. This article sounds quite weird, isn’t it?

The logic behind is that you do nothing, but just replace the name of the file/folder with a spacebar. It sounds quite easy to replace the text with just a space bar to get it done, but remember this method will not do the job!

Windows does not accept space with just a spacebar click. Yes, you need to insert a space, but without using the spacebar button. You need to do it using the other method.

so, my suggestion is to save this article on your computer & read it thoroughly to understand the whole concept.

What is the cocept behind?
As I told you earlier, the simple concept is that you need to replace the name of the file/folder with a blank space so that it is not visible on the computer. Now to insert the space, you need to use ASCII code for space. For example- the ASCII code for ‘s’ is 0115, the ASCII code for a copyright sign is 0169, & AASCII code for space is 0160. So now you know the ASCII code of space, you can now insert space using the ASCII code.

How to do it

1. Right click the icon you want to rename.

2. In the right click menu, click rename to rename the icon label.

3. Now click backspace to clear the name of the icon.

4. Now, the main step: Make sure num lock is on (If num lock is not on, press the Num Lock button on the keyboard to turn it on).

5. Click & hold down Alt key & now type 0160 (the ASCII code for space).

6. Now release the Alt key & press Enter key to set the name.


Now the result is that you have successfully removed text below the icon by replacing the text with a space.

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