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Sometimes you may need to rename more than one files at a time. You can achieve this goal by simply selecting multiple files all at once and renaming any of the files using the right click menu. All the other files will also be renamed with a name that corresponds to the name you entered.

This feature proves to be most helpul when you need to rename multiple files that reside inside a folder of the same type. That is, the files are on on the same topic or relate to same thing or have something in common.

For example a folder containing the wallpapers of the actress Selena Gomez. You know that all of them are wallpapers of Selena Gomez. So, you won’t mind if all of them have a computer generated number post fixed after the name you type (Selena Gomez). You just select all the files and from the right click menu select rename and provide a name. So, the names would be like Selena Gomez(1), Selena Gomez(2), and so on.

Consider you have 100 or more files in a folder. All of them need to be renamed. You won't rename each and every file in that folder, right? It would take you a lot of time to rename so many files and yes not to neglect, a lot of physical and mental work. Thank god! There exists an easy way to do it. You just need to select the files which need to be renamed in the opened folder and then type a name once. All other files are renamed accordingly.

Now, action time. Let's do it...

How to do it
  1. Select the files you want to rename.

    Select the files to rename

  2. Now right click over any image to get the right click menu & in the menu, select rename.

    Rename mutiple files step 2

  3. Now type any name for the file (BMW in this case) & the other files will be renamed in a renaming convention. For example- If I type BMW, the other selected files will be renamed as- BMW(1), BMW(2), BMW(3) & so on….


With this knowledge, you can now rename multiple files/folder simultaneously.

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