Reset windows password

If you have forgotten your Windows password and you do not have an installation CD lying around, there is no need to worry. You can easily reset your password with the Offline Windows Password editor.

Create the Boot Disk

You need to create a boot disk using another computer. If you do not have another computer, you need to bug one of your friends to use theirs. First you must download the boot disk here:

Please download and start ImgBurn, which is a really simple program component which helps you to burn an ISO image of disk. Note: if you have any other software to burn an ISO image, you can use that instead.

Select the source, click the Burn button to create the boot disk.

You can also create a bootable USB drive instead if you would like the instructions are on the download site Offline NT.

How to do it:

Start the computer from the boot disk (you may need to adjust the BIOS to boot from a CD). Will you be asked on a couple of screens, which you can usually just press the Enter key on. For example, on this screen asks you to select the first partition, and [1] is already selected, so just press ENTER.

The same thing happens in the next step where you have to choose the path to the registry. The standard is good, then press ENTER.

You can then choose whether to use the password reset or some other thing, so just hit Enter for the password reset.

Next, you will be asked if you want to edit users or Register. You want to edit the user password, then press ENTER again.

And now, the first screen where you need to do anything but press the Enter key. In this case, enter the user name you want to restore. In my case this was the "geek", so I wrote (without the quotes). Then press Enter.

Now you probably want to just empty pressure password, which is already checked, then press Enter again (you can always change it when you're back in Windows).

And now, you need to save what you just did. So, type an exclamation mark ends (or "!" Symbol), type the letter "y" to save.

At this point it should say "Edit complete," and you can restart your computer. You should be able to login with your new password.

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