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VistaMizer is the best tool to transform XP to vista. VistaMizer modifies almost 400 files to enhance windows XP look and make it identical to windows vista.

You can also uninstall the software & revert back the changes made at any moment of time. This is the best of all the tools mentioned in this article because it makes your Windows XP look like vista and no one can actually make out whether it is windows XP or vista.

Here is a screenshot of my VistaMizer desktop interface:

Download VistaMizer

Vista Start Menu

Vista Start Menu turns XP’s Start menu into vista start menu. In short, this is the first step if you want to transform XP to Vista because, you also get new features along with the vista start menu that are generally not present in XP’s start menu.

This means, you get an added benefit of installing vista start menu. These features include: resizable start menu, zoom in/out, program launcher, desktop search, power buttons, tabs.

Another noteworthy aspect, Vista Start Menu does not replace the system settings and configuration, rather it installs the new one and keeps the backup of the old one. So, installing and uninstalling is quite simple. After uninstalling, you get the default XP start menu again.

Download Vista start menu

Vista Transformation Pack

Vista transformation pack transforms XP to vista. It makes windows XP almost identical to Windows Vista. It changes the start menu, the theme, the visual styles, the logon screen, etc. to match that of Vista’s.

How does Vista transformation tool improve the visual?

  1. It changes the default sounds of windows XP & creates it’s own set of sounds such as- startup sound, shutdown sound, etc. to match with Vista.
  2. It will changes the Logon Screen.
  3. Various windows icons are changed such as- my computer icon, my network places icon, folder icons.
  4. Progress of any task (copying, pasting, moving, etc).
  5. New System Tray icons.
  6. Windows Media Player Skins.

NOTE: To install Vista transformation pack, you must have WindowBlinds installed.


WindowBlinds is software to enhance the look of windows XP. It actually does not play a major role to transform XP to vista directly, but it is like a support software that lets you install vista transformation pack. The best part of this software is that you can customize and create your own themes.


Rocket dock is simply a collection of your important shortcuts merged in a menu like navigation bar. It is like a start menu that stores important shortcuts to programs, my computer, my documents, etc. It manages all the important shortcuts such as- My Computer, My Documents, etc. You can also drop your own important shortcuts on the dock so that your important programs and features are accessible easily at one place.

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