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Antivirus plays a major role in removing the virurses, trojans, and other security threats from your computer , hence increasing the security of the computer. So, it is not recommended to uninstall antivirus from your computer. But, for the sake of performance, you may uninstall the antivirus temporarily for a short period of time.

Since antivirus needs to perform a big task of removing viruses from your system, antivirus actually keeps on scanning your system on the background which is also called “real time monitor” or “real time scan”. This causes a huge impact on the system performance.

What do real time scan do?

Many times you see messages like “virus detected” or “threat detected” or “trojan detected” even when you do not run a scan!!! From where do these messages come even if you don’t perform a scan intentionally?

This is because of the real time scan. The real time scan is actually scanning the files in the memory and the files or folders you are currently working upon. This real time scan runs on the background (without asking for your permission) and hence decreases the system speed because of huge memory usage needed to perform the real time scan.

Except from the real time scan, antivirus always starts with your system startup, thereby decreasing the startup speed also. On windows startup, antivirus starts it service, and hence windows takes some time to load.

It has to also remain in the memory all the time because it has to protect you from viruses and other security threats all the time. Therefore, an antivirus severely decreases the speed of your computer.

Although, I would not recommend you to uninstall your antivirus because it plays a major role in protecting your system from threats and viruses, still If you consider speed to be your top priority, even more than the security of your software, then go ahead. This article is for you.

Before proceeding further, I would like to remind you again that removing or uninstalling antivirus is never recommended. Antivirus is for your own security. You may consider turning off the antivirus for a little while and do your most important work and then turn it on again when you need it. Remember you can always contact me if you have any problem. I would be pleased to help you.

OK. Ready?, let’s proceed…

How to do it

1. Go to start => control panel.

2. Now click add or remove programs.

3. Now uninstall the antivirus you have installed on your system by simply clicking the name of the antivirus and clicking the uninstall button.


After uninstalling antivirus from your computer, you will notice faster boot up and better performance.

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