Uninstall unnecessary softwares


I think the title is self explanatory. Here, you will uninstall unnecessary softwares to speed up your computer. Unnecessary softwares are the softwares that you or anyone in your home don’t use.

Softwares I consider to be unnecessary may not be unnecessary for you, therefore I cannot tell you which softwares to uninstall from you system. That is, I cannot give a list of softwares which are unnecessary. I leave this decision up to you. But I will surely give some suggestions.

Keep the basic softwares like- Motherboard drivers, Microsoft Office, Nero (or any other disk burning program), winzip, winRar, VLC player, adobe reader, Bitdefender antivirus (or any other antivirus/security software), Google chrome (or any other web browser), Adobe flash, Microsoft Silverlight.

Except the above mentioned basic softwares, you may want to uninstall the rest of the softwares from your computer. Recognize the unnecessary softwares, and uninstall them. You will definitely observe tremendous speed increment on your computer because, it takes time for operating system to load those softwares especially if they are startup softwares like antivirus.

How to do it

1. Go to start.

2. Now click control panel.

3. Now click on add or remove programs.

4. Now from the list of softwares installed on your computer click the unnecessary software and click uninstall.


You will notice an appreciable change in the amount of free disk space and also appreciable increase in speed of your computer especially if the software is a startup program.

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