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This article covers the softwares that every windows XP user needs to know about and must install. Windows XP softwares are essential softwares your computer is generally hungry for. You, being the owner or parent of your computer need to fufil that hunger.

Your computer cannot live without these essential softwares. So, I advise you to read this article in full and download the required essential softwares to make your windows XP computer healthy.

These softwares include a whole bunch of important softwares that you may never want to miss out because it’s that important!

These softwares also include the softwares that can enhance your windows experience by making it look better, or softwares that are worth installing for making your computer faster. These softwares will let your computer perform at it’s peak in terms of speed and visuals.

These softwares include:

1. XP essential softwares - softwares required for your windows XP to run properly, including the softwares you need for your day to day tasks.

2. Make XP look like Vista - includes the software downloads and the details of the softwares that can totally change your computer’s look and feel to make it look like window Vista.

3. Bootvis - a software required to speed up your computer’s boot up

4. Tuneup utilities - This is a perfect tool (or software program) to speed up and optimize your computer.

5. Advanced system optimizer - This is a perfect tool (or software program) to speed up and optimize your computer. This tool not only takes care of the performance, but also fill up the loopholes in security of your computer. It is regarded as one of the best optimization softwares and also as an all in one optimization software.

6. Video editing softwares- For video editing softwares, I would recommend you to see:
Get information on video editing software and video editing advice for your windows computer.

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